Word Of God - Erika Kobewka (official bootleg) - Live from St. Jax

Kris MacQueen, Jan 25, 2019, 7:04 PM
Kris MacQueen National Catalyst of Vineyard Creative

This was such a special moment, recorded live during our first "Portage" morning in St. Jax church in Montreal this past summer. The Spirit of God was so sweet in that moment, in that place, with those gathered. Thanks Erika for writing (and leading) so beautifully. Download the song file and the chart below.

The band:
Erika Kobewka - Lead Vocal, Violin
Sherry Ansloos - Keys
Tony Divito - Drums
Ted Kim - Electric Guitar
Kris MacQueen - Acoustic Guitar, BGVs
Peter Wiebe - Cello