Lead Pastor Vacancy, New Wine Vineyard - Santa Barbara, USA.

Started by Nicholas Catley, Mar 15, 2020, 10:47 PM

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New Wine, a Vineyard Church, Santa Barbara, California

We have tried to reflect our heart and values in this job description.

If you don't meet all the criteria outlined here, but feel God prompting you to apply, we are open and flexible, and are waiting to see who God will call.

We are also open to combining the roles of pastor and worship leader, either for an individual or for a married couple applying as a team.

The role of Lead Pastor is part-time, offered as approximately 2/3 of a full-time role, but paid generously in line with Santa Barbara living expenses.

Character. We are looking for someone who:
• Really loves Jesus.
• Is an abandoned worshipper
• Is focused on God's Presence, and led by the Holy Spirit
• Is able to hear God's voice for themselves, others and the church
• Is a praying person, and has an understanding of spiritual warfare
• Is a person of faith, an obedient risk-taker
• Has a great relationship with the Word, someone who actively studies and grows in knowledge
• Has perseverance
• Is a mature believer who demonstrates integrity, living a devout and disciplined life
• As a 'manager of God's household' has a healthy marriage and strong family (where applicable)

Heart and values. We are looking for someone who:
• Has a heart for renewal and revival
• Is concerned that God is glorified, more concerned than how big the church, or its budget, is
• Is willing to step out and lead in the new thing that God is doing
• Is passionate for the Kingdom of God to come in the church, wants it to be 'hot' (Revelation 3)
• Will encourage us to be wholehearted, living lives of passionate worship and prayer
• Will encourage us to be 'all-in' for Jesus
• Has a vision to send and plant in God's timing
• Is passionate for the Kingdom of God to come, and serve, outside of the church
• Wants the church to be Spirit-led and will seek to hear God's voice, not just set up programs
• Is aware of the current issues facing the Western church
• Has a heart for the truth and sound doctrine, where the Bible is the foundation
• Is determined to teach & encourage others to live in the teaching of the Bible without compromise
• Is straight-forward about non-negotiables
• Believes the Bible in line with the historic understanding of the church
• Understands the church as family, and is willing to be fully a part of this family
• Is hospitable and enjoys having guests in their home
• Values building a house-church model, rather than a traditional 'front-led' Sunday service
• Has a heart for children, seeing them come to faith and grow spiritually
• Has a heart to work alongside and pray with other local like-minded churches

Gifting. We are looking for someone who:
• Is a pioneer and has an apostolic gifting
• Has discernment, and can see where people are coming from
• Can teach, who holds firmly to the message of the Bible, and encourages others in sound doctrine
• Is willing to refute those who oppose it, and who inspires an appetite for Scripture

LEAD PASTOR: Who we are looking for someone who:
• Is able to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
• Is zble to work as part of an inclusionary leadership team
• Is a gatherer and evangelist
• Is able to mentor, disciple and train
• Is able to lead ministry times in the power of the Holy Spirit
• Is able to be strong , in that once the leadership team believe they have heard God, they will stick to following His voice. Able to listen to the differing opinions in the church sensitively and gently, but be a courageous leader.

We are looking for someone who values and holds to the traditional values and distinctives of the Vineyard Church, and who will be involved with, and attend regional Vineyard events. We are looking for someone who values the distinctives:
• 'Come Holy Spirit' and ministry times in the power of the Holy Spirit
• 'Naturally Supernatural', someone who is not a 'superstar', but a humble servant, who ministers without hype, but in the power of the Holy Spirit, and will encourage others to do the same
• 'Everyone Gets to Play', someone who is Kingdom-minded and seeks for all parts of the body to use their gifts and talents
• 'Equipping the Saints', someone who is a discipler / trainer

The responsibilities of the lead pastor include, but are not limited to:

• Maintain a close walk with the Lord, seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit
• Work with the Spiritual Leadership Team (SLT) & Directors in assuming responsibility for all aspects of church life
• Alongside the SLT, prayerfully discern God's will, & communicate His heart & vision for the church
• Alongside the SLT, continue to communicate our heart values, encourage and teach people in the church to grow in these areas (heart values are listed in italics in the general information sheet)
• Continue to build and develop a culture of family within the church, establishing and planting house churches as God leads
• Oversee teaching in the church, ensuring that we hold firmly to the message of the Bible
• Encourage people to use their gifts, developing a culture where 'everyone gets to play'
• Develop and encourage ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit by modelling it, practicing it during church celebrations and house church, and teaching others how to minister in this way
• Train and equip leaders as God brings the right people along
• Lead meetings of the Spiritual Leadership Team and Board of Directors
• Continue in relationship with other local, like-minded churches and pastors, developing inter-church prayer for revival
• Build relationship with other Vineyard churches and pastors, including attending regional meetings
• Leading the 501c3 & overseeing the management of the budget, along with the Board of Directors
• Along with the Board of Directors, comply with legal requirements as needed, and other general safety requirements, children's worker background checks, etc.
• Other duties as discussed with the Spiritual Leadership Team / Directors

For further questions and information, please contact Melene Lockhart as below.
Please apply by email, sending your resume and covering letter to: Melene Lockhart
Email: godsgirl.ml@gmail.com Phone: +1 530 370 8979

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