New Song - You Are Beautiful

Kris MacQueen, Dec 9, 2020, 1:11 PM
Kris MacQueen National Catalyst of Vineyard Creative
Click here to download the chord chart: You Are Beautiful Chart.pdf

"You Are Beautiful", written and performed here by Kris MacQueen, is a song that remembers that Christ's light shines in the darkness, that he works in the night to bring about the morning. It also anticipates that day described in Revelation 21 when the sun and moon will somehow become redundant, overshadowed by the radiant light of Christ who will illuminate new creation for once and always. And what will we see in that forever-moment of revelation? Jesus. Beautiful Jesus.

Your love outshines the glory of the sunrise
It collides with the conspiracy of night
To renew hope and wonder with the morning
To pierce through ever shadow with your light

And we'll revel in your radiance and bask
Right here until the sun and moon have passed
Then we'll look toward the wonder of your unfailing love
We'll stand right here and not look back

You're the light that shines into the darkness
You're the light that never fades to dusk
Now let the fire that lights up every inch of heaven
Come here and light up every one of us

You are beautiful, beautiful