Save the date! Forum - Why We Worship, a dialogue about Vineyard Worship Values

Kris MacQueen, Apr 1, 2022, 3:23 PM
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If you serve in the area of worship in a Canadian Vineyard church (including pastors, musicians, creativies, production teams, etc), we want to invite you to be part of a vital conversation that's happening April 23rd.

Here is what we are planning towards. We are feeling the call to re-articulate our understanding of Vineyard worship values. Not to "rewrite the book" necessarily, but to create space to reflect on what is most important to us as worshippers, and what sorts of things (values/practices) uniquely shape our expression of worship as the Canadian Vineyard. We are feeling and perceiving a need for fresh language that helps articulate who we are and how this informs our practice of leading people into the presence of God. This is language that will help train and develop emerging leaders. It's language that can help align us around how and why we worship.

What's the process going to look like?

We're inviting anyone who's serving in the Vineyard as a worship leader, pastor (Lead, Associate, Assistant...etc), artist, liturgist or sound/visual support etc to take part. If you care deeply about worship in their community, if the "why" matters to you, you're invited. This will be a time to consider what our current practiced values are, as well as considering what our intended values need to be.

It's our expectation that we will encounter things that will surprise us. It goes without saying the values shift over time. We need to hear what's important to emerging generations of leaders. We are hosting this gathering online, on April 23, 2022, from 12pm-3pm EST.

This is important to us in this season for many reasons.  First of all worship is foundational.  It is core to who we are.  Secondly, in this season of disconnect, coming together to create a common understanding of worship, unique to who we are as Canadians in this time and space, will unify and draw us together with purpose.  In addition, this will provide material that we can then develop and share more broadly, to widen the circle and make space for the next generation of leaders to emerge with a firm understanding of the legacy and purpose of worship in the Vineyard Canada context.

Are you curious? We hope so. Will you be part of this with us?

Register here:

Note: Registration is free, but there will be some required pre-work to help us make the most of our time together.